#100MostBeautifulPinays2013 – Rank Nos. 91 to 95

"Kakambal ni Eliana" star, sexy covergirl, sexy comedienne, a Star Struck alumna and a model/actress comprise the ranking nos. 96 to 100 of "100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines 2013."

No. 91 – Gwen Zamora

Gwen Zamora

No. 92 – Jackie Rice

Jackie Rice

No. 93 – Sheena Halili

Sheena Halili

No. 94 – Rufa Mae Quinto

Rufa Mae Quinto

No. 95 – Kim Rodriguez

Kim Rodriguez


Gwen Zamora, Sheena Halili, Jackie Rice, Rafa Mae Quinto and Kim Rodriguez – GMA Network

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1 Comment on #100MostBeautifulPinays2013 – Rank Nos. 91 to 95

  1. Ronnie roadil // November 2, 2014 at 7:44 am //

    Ang gagnda naman nila, piro cute tlaga ni kim, gsto ko xa, idol kta…sna more pa kaung plikula..

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