Slick Rick, Chased by a Creepy Girl with a Creepy Doll (Video)

As the Halloween gets nigh, have a little dose of scare by watching this video featuring DJ Slick Rick being chased inside an old condominium by a creepy girl with a creepy doll.


Creepy girls and creepy dolls are becoming a common feature in horror films. Even on Slick Rick’s scary video, they are the primary plot point.

The video shows the popular DJ being chased by a creepy girl holding a creepy doll who reminds me of Annabelle from “The Conjuring.” Slick was about to call the Ghostbusters when his terror went double after finding out that he has zero load on his mobile phone.

Yup, this is Slick Rick’s ultimate Load Horror Story!

Don’t experience the same horror that Slick has gone through. With Smart Prepaid’s Load Manager na may Low Balance Notifications, tama na ang kaba dahil wala nang load horror stories.

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