Ellona Santiago Survives the 4-Chair Challenge in ‘X Factor USA’ (Video)

Pinay singer Ellona Santiago survived the four-chair challenge on the latest episode of "The X Factor USA."


Ellona sang Zedd’s “Clarity” during the four-chair challenge and the judges liked her performance–Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio and Simon Cowell–except for the one that matters to her: the judge for the girls category Demi Lovato.


But with the other three judges persuading Lovato to take Ellona in, the former Disney Princess had no choice but to say yes to the Filipina singer and eliminate one of the girls from her squad.

Take note of Simon Cowell’s comment: “Ellona it’s probably one of the best vocals we’ve heard on this category. I can’t imagine this competition without you.”

However, Demi wasn’t convinced with her performance and noted that “star quality” is missing from her.

Watch the video here:

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