Angel, Karylle and Marian Top Facebook Poll for #100MostBeautifulPinays2013

Angel Locsin, Karylle and Marian Rivera are currently leading the Facebook poll of "100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines 2013." Check out the latest rankings and which star are gaining some grounds.


Angel Locsin maintains lead in the Facebook poll of #100MostBeautifulPinays with total votes of 539,652. Karylle is gaining more fan votes as she climbs to no. 2 today at the expense of Marian Rivera who drops to no. 3.

Capturing fourth and fifth places are Bea Alonzo and Sarah Geronimo, respectively.

Here are the current Top 20 in the Facebook poll of “100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines for 2013” as of 7:00pm, September 27, 2013:

T R P R Name of Celebrity FB Votes
1 1 Angel Locsin 539,652
2 3 Karylle 158,275
3 2 Marian Rivera 131,581
4 4 Bea Alonzo 89,004
5 5 Sarah Geronimo 71,433
6 6 Maja Salvador 64,396
7 11 Kim Chiu 19,237
8 7 Anne Curtis 17,826
9 9 Cristine Reyes 11,972
10 8 Erich Gonzales 11,651
11 10 Jennylyn Mercado 9,784
12 12 Andi Eigenmann 7,208
13 13 Toni Gonzaga 5,263
14 14 Lea Salonga 4,147
15 15 Jessy Mendiola 3,450
16 17 Carla Abella 2,613
17 16 Iza Calzado 2,372
18 18 Jewel Mische 2,186
19 19 Lovi Poe 1,214
20 20 Mariel Rodriguez 372

TR – Today’s ranking
PR – Previous ranking


1. Go to Pinoy Power’s Facebook Page. Click “LIKE”:

2. Proceed to the “Photos” section, then click “Albums” and then proceed to the album titled “100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines for 2013.” The pictures of the 20 finalists will be displayed.

3. Click the image of your favorite female celebrity to enlarge the photo.

4. Under the photo, simply click on the word “like,” share or even post a comment to vote. We reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments. Here are the equivalent number of votes for each task:

1 like = 1 vote
1 comment = 1 vote
1 share = 3 votes

To fast-track to the voting page, click below:

5. The Facebook and Twitter polls and Online Ballot will end 11:59pm of October 25, 2013.


1. Click below and follow @starmometerblog on Twitter:

2. Tweet your vote by using the following format and using the hash tag #100MostBeautifulPinays2013:

I vote for (code and name of celebrity) #100MostBeautifulPinays2013

For example:

I vote for #BeautifulJanine Janine Tugonon #100MostBeautifulPinays2013

Here are the codes for each member of the Top 20:

Andi Eigenmann (Code: #BeautifulAndi)
Angel Locsin (Code: #BeautifulAngel)
Anne Curtis (Code: #BeautifulAnne)
Bea Alonzo (Code: #BeautifulBea)
Carla Abellana (Code: #BeautifulCarla)
Cristine Reyes (Code: #BeautifulCristine)
Erich Gonzales (Code: #BeautifulErich)
Iza Calzado (Code: #BeautifulIza)
Jennylyn Mercado (Code: #BeautifulJennylyn)
Jessy Mendiola (Code: #BeautifulJessy)
Jewel Mische (Code: #BeautifulJewel)
Karylle (Code: #BeautifulKarylle)
Kim Chiu (Code: #BeautifulKim)
Lea Salonga (Code: #BeautifulLea)
Lovi Poe (Code: #BeautifulLovi)
Maja Salvador (Code: #BeautifulMaja)
Marian Rivera (Code: #BeautifulMarian)
Mariel Rodriguez (Code: #BeautifulMariel)
Sarah Geronimo (Code: #BeautifulSarah)
Toni Gonzaga (Code: #BeautifulToni)

3. 1 tweet is equivalent to two (2) votes.

4. Voting via Twitter is unlimited! You can tweet your vote as many times as you can as long as you can make each of your tweets unique. Just make sure that the codes/hashtags are correct for the votes to be counted.

5. The poll ends 11:59pm of October 25, 2013. Online ballot will start this Sunday, September 29. Stay tuned!

13 Comments on Angel, Karylle and Marian Top Facebook Poll for #100MostBeautifulPinays2013

  1. go karylle… be on top over marian..
    i will support you til the end

  2. solidmarian // October 11, 2013 at 2:02 pm //

    Go marian kya pa yan…now q lng nalaman na may botohan pla…pro nkavote na q….itutuloy q lng to…hehe….

  3. Anonymous // October 4, 2013 at 6:09 pm //


  4. karylle nyo mukha nyo. wla naman ganda

  5. laarni september 30th, 2013 1155 // September 30, 2013 at 11:56 am //

    go angel lets vote

  6. go Karylle a lady beautiful inside out!

  7. faye cabigao // September 29, 2013 at 4:50 pm //

    lets vote anne curtis mge fanneatics and vhonganne fans

  8. louela jean joy gumapo // September 29, 2013 at 9:54 am //

    lets vote for KARYLLE mga vicerylle babbies and solid showtimer

  9. Go karylle..ur my in and out..prehas kau ni angel locsin..

  10. Karylles


  12. Hi pls answer nmn po…counted na po ba If i Tweet like this “I vote for #BeautifulKarylle Karylle #100MostBeautifulPinays2013” sya lng kasi walang surname sa mga codes

  13. yay!Karylle over Marian.:))))

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