#100MostBeautifulPinays2013 Top Trending on Twitter!

The hashtag #100MostBeautifulPinays2013 is currently trending at no. 1 of Twitter Philippines as of this posting. The hashtag #BeautifulKarylle, one of the 20 finalists in Starmometer's online poll reaches no. 2 position on Friday after being mentioned in "It's Showtime."

Beautiful Karylle

Right before the release of the first Twitter poll update for “100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines 2013” on Thursday, September 26, the hash tag #100MostBeautifulPinays2013 hit the no. 1 position on Twitter Philippines’ trending box.

Today, September 27, the same hashtag returned at no. 1 and stayed there for a couple of hours now as fans vote for their favorite celebrities in the Top 20 finalists of the annual online poll. Even the hashtag #BeautifulKarylle reached no. 2 slot after getting the boost on ABS-CBN’s noontime show “It’s Showtime.”

Meanwhile, check out our first Twitter poll update below:


(As of September 27, 2013 – Day 1)

Rank Celebrity Twitter Votes
1 Sarah Geronimo 9,538
2 Anne Curtis 4,734
3 Angel Locsin 2,888
4 Cristine Reyes 564
5 Andi Eigenmann 310
6 Kim Chiu 308
7 Bea Alonzo 220
8 Marian Rivera 154
9 Karylle 134
10 Lea Salonga 62
11 Jewel Mische 32
12 Iza Calzado 20
13 Jessy Mendiola 18
14 Toni Gonzaga 14
15 Lovi Poe 10
16 Carla Abellana 8
17 Erich Gonzales 8
18 Maja Salvador 6
19 Mariel Rodriguez 4
20 Jennylyn Mercado 2


1. Click below and follow @starmometer on Twitter:

2. Tweet your vote by using the following format and using the hash tag #100MostBeautifulPinays2013:

I vote for (code and name of celebrity) #100MostBeautifulPinays2013

For example:

I vote for #BeautifulJanine Janine Tugonon #100MostBeautifulPinays2013

Here are the codes for each member of the Top 20:

Andi Eigenmann (Code: #BeautifulAndi)
Angel Locsin (Code: #BeautifulAngel)
Anne Curtis (Code: #BeautifulAnne)
Bea Alonzo (Code: #BeautifulBea)
Carla Abellana (Code: #BeautifulCarla)
Cristine Reyes (Code: #BeautifulCristine)
Erich Gonzales (Code: #BeautifulErich)
Iza Calzado (Code: #BeautifulIza)
Jennylyn Mercado (Code: #BeautifulJennylyn)
Jessy Mendiola (Code: #BeautifulJessy)
Jewel Mische (Code: #BeautifulJewel)
Karylle (Code: #BeautifulKarylle)
Kim Chiu (Code: #BeautifulKim)
Lea Salonga (Code: #BeautifulLea)
Lovi Poe (Code: #BeautifulLovi)
Maja Salvador (Code: #BeautifulMaja)
Marian Rivera (Code: #BeautifulMarian)
Mariel Rodriguez (Code: #BeautifulMariel)
Sarah Geronimo (Code: #BeautifulSarah)
Toni Gonzaga (Code: #BeautifulToni)

3. 1 tweet is equivalent to two (2) votes.

4. Voting via Twitter is unlimited! You can tweet your vote as many times as you can as long as you can make each of your tweets unique. Just make sure that the codes/hashtags are correct for the votes to be counted.

5. The poll ends 11:59pm of October 25, 2013. Online ballot will start soon!

4 Comments on #100MostBeautifulPinays2013 Top Trending on Twitter!

  1. Caren Joy Umpad // July 3, 2015 at 10:43 am //

    #BeautifulAngel.I like Angel.Forever na talaga.

  2. Caren Joy Umpad // July 3, 2015 at 10:42 am //

    #BeautifulAngel.I like forever na talaga.

  3. Caren Joy Umpad // July 3, 2015 at 10:40 am //

    Angel for me.

  4. #BeautifulKarylle trended .Isn’t that an indication that many are voting for her? But how come she’s not even among the top 5? Weird. ##Hmmm.

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