Congressional Spouses Dawn Zulueta and Assunta de Rossi Want Pork Barrel Scrapped

Actresses and congressional spouses Dawn Zulueta and Assunta de Rossi express their frustration over the alleged misuse of lawmakers’ Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel in Tapatan Ni Tunying this Thursday (September 19).

Assunta de Rossi & Dawn Zulueta (TNT Sept 19)

Dawn believes that scrapping the pork barrel will solve the corruption.

“Let’s just remove the pork barrel from them,” she said.

“At least, we are able to determine the ones serving sincerely,” Assunta stated agreeing on Dawn’s statement.

Dawn and Assunta also talk about their personal lives and how they adjust from celebrity world to politics.

Dawn, the wife of Davao del Norte Rep. Anton Lagdameo Jr., said she did not want her husband to be involved in politics at first, but when opportunity to serve the country knocked on Anton’s door, she decided to support him nonetheless.

“The politics and entertainment industry are almost similar. When he needs me, I am always beside him,” Dawn said.

Meanwhile, Assunta, who has been married to Negros Occidental Rep. Jules Ledesma for ten years, shares her desire of having their first baby.

“After the elections, I told him that this time, I should be one of his top priorities since he is now on his last term. I’m just saying that he could slow down and think of a family,” Assunta said.

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