TV5 Brings Hit US Game Show ‘Killer Karaoke’ to Philippine Primetime

TV5 DOES IT CRAZIER: The hit reality competition "Killer Karaoke" is set to premiere on Philippine television 8:00pm this Saturday, September 14, 2013.


TV5 makes the Filipino favorite pastime crazier by bringing the hit US game show that adds crazy challenges to karaoke. In “Killer Karaoke,” six different contestants appear in each episode where they asked to sing their piece for approximately 90 seconds. Contestants are introduced to the audience and told their challenge. The rule of the game is to “just keep singing, no matter what happens”.

The US version will start airing this Saturday, September 14, while the local version to be hosted by Michael V will air later this year.

Watch a sample video here:

Karaoke Singer Gets Dunked in a Tank of Snakes (Video)

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