The ‘Celebrity in MRT’ Chronicles

Why is it a news item when celebrities ride the train? Aside from taking risk when mobbed by fans, are these celebrities overly sensationalizing it? Or are they just following the norms all their life and like us, they're too excited to break it every once in a while.

MRT- Kris

Kris Aquino got more than 26,000 like on her Instagram post last night when she rode the MRT on her way to the awards show of Lucky Me Kainang Pamilya Short Films, a program of a food brand she is endorsing. At around 7PM yesterday, September 10, Kris first posted a photo of EDSA traffic with the caption “45 minutes and we haven’t moved. Parking lot level ang EDSA. Sorry Lucky Me Kainang Pamilya Short Film, praying umabot.” Heavy rains left some areas in Manila flooded once again and it bulked the heavy traffic in major thoroughfares, EDSA included.

Two hours after, she posted a photo at the MRT platform in an unconfirmed station declaring that she’s riding the MRT. This post received more than 18,000 likes as of this writing. Ten minutes after, she posted what we call a “selfie” inside the train itself. Her caption goes “Made it to the awarding ceremony. People were so nice. What a memorable experience!” This is the post which generated 26,000 likes which pedaled her Instagram account to 604,000 followers today. She thanked her followers early this morning with another Instagram post saying “Thank you for being interested in me and my life.”


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