Ruru Madrid Shows Promise in the Indie Flick ‘Bamboo Flowers’

Aside from being the new on-screen partner of Asia's Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose, Ruru Madrid is taking a showbiz splash by starring in his first indie film - the Sineng Pambansa entry "Bamboo Flowers."


To note, Madrid changed a lot for the better since we first saw him as one of the contestants of Protege. During that time, we knew he wasn’t in yet to win the title but like everyone else, we saw a great promise from the teen actor.

The newcomer Madrid’s presence in the film is very much noticeable. With his massive following on social networks, he even became one of the trending topics on Twitter just after the press conference.

We failed to see Madrid during the festival conference for reasons unknown to us but as the trailer and as the publicity photos show, Madrid is one strong force that would drive this film to a box-office success. That’s for sure. Together with his fans, we are now excited to see how this film works on his favor or how much contribution he has for the film.


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