Eugene Domingo Shines in ‘Instant Mommy’ (Movie Review)

There's a handsome and rich Japanese bachelor excited to have a child with you. His family is eager to have an heir. He got your pregnant but you had a miscarriage. What would you do to save your fairy tale?


Eugene Domingo (Bechay) took a morally unacceptable but hilarious step to keep the man of her dreams. A lot of us can relate to this specifically those who are using another person’s photos on their social pages or in general, those pretending to be someone else just to continue a long distance love affair. Instant Mommy will help us realize that it will never be a happy-ending. Not that we don’t know that yet but this Cinemalaya gem told it in a balanced way; honest but not brutal while still channeling the feel of romance.

The beauty of Instant Mommy is it’s readiness for mainstream. The movie is something everyone can understand easily. It was like a shortened light and feel-good drama series, only edited perfectly to free it from the dragging moments. Everything in this indie film for me feels right.


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