Anna Karenina: Dispute of Monteclaro Sisters Heat Up

From the time that the three girls namely, Anna, Karen and Nina, set foot in Monteclaro’s mansion, they were treated with equal love and respect. Viewers might notice favoritisms in the mansion but the truth is, all of them are loved in a special way by their foster family, Carmela and Don Xernan.


With everything that is happening right now, the girls’ main concern is not about the quest for money anymore but the search for identity, and love from their real mother. Anna and Karen are jealous on the attention that is given to Nina, now that she’s proven to be Abel’s daughter from Maggie. Carmela always reassured Anna and Karen that they are always welcome to stay but the two feel very uneasy. They are uncomfortable with the fact that they already found their real grand daughter and there is no point of them staying.

It is not easy for some people to accept that they have found the real Anna KareNina. Ruth was in full rage upon the discovery of Nina’s DNA match with her husband Abel. More so, it did not come easy for Nina to be part of the family too. At what extent will Ruth go for ridding the rightful heir, Anna KareNina?

When Joyce Ching was asked about whether or not the three will be in good terms again, she answered by saying, “Abangan niyo nalang. Hindi naman puwedeng forever kaming magkagalit.”

Will the three be united again with Angel’s return? When will the three be in good terms again after all that has happened? One thing remains constant. The search for the real Anna KareNina is still in progress. Be sure to watch “Anna KareNina” on GMA Telebabad every Mondays to Fridays for more twists to come. Participate on our poll question and get updates from the cast on Facebook ( and on Twitter (

-Anjelica Que, GMA Social Media Specialist

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  1. mahusay ang mga actors ng AnnaKarenina kaya naman nakatutok ang sambayanang Pilipino.

    Infairness sa kanila, mataas din ung ratings nila sa #kantaruray

    #Nganga kapamilya

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