Mikael Daez on Finding the Right One: ‘Be Positive…Just Smile’

Mikael Daez is one of the most sought-after bachelors in showbiz. Find out his thoughts about love, career and finding the right one. Check it out!


What is your first impression on Mikael Daez? If you first saw him in his role as “Dean” in the hit morning soap, “With a Smile” the first thing that will come to your mind is that he is a happy-go-lucky-playboy but beneath the chic-boy moves and tough guy image, he has a soft heart, especially to ladies. In his recent interview with GMA Network we asked the 25-year old bachelor on what he thinks about love and on finding the right one.

We first asked him if there is someone close to his heart, “My friends, My family and God, special someone? Not really sure, hopefully soon.” Mikael answered. He also emphasized that “Love is no rush, don’t wait for it, It will come to you.” He also admitted that being in-love is a big risk. “Yeah, love is risky but when you’re on track, Its worth everything.”

We then asked him his advice on finding the right one: “If I were in Dean Mode I’d say just try and try, but if you are asking me as Mikael, just be nice to everyone, be friendly and keep the energy alive.” He answered. Mikael also added that a person should always have a positive vibe. ”Just be positive, even if he or she dumps you, just smile I’m definitely sure you’ll get through.”

With all the projects, Mikael finds time to reflect on his goals in his career. He shared “Maybe the right one for me now is my career.” Catch him as he portrays “Dean” every morning on GMA Network’s “With a Smile”.

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  1. madam chismosa // August 16, 2013 at 4:07 am //

    Naku sila nmn ni megan young.. nakita nmn ng mga kabaklaan ang sweetness nila.. deny deny din pag may tym…

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