Erap Resolved Jinggoy-JV Rift

Senator JV Ejercito will reveal to Anthony “Tunying” Taberna how their father, former president and Manila mayor Joseph Estrada bridged their gap in “Tapatan Ni Tunying” (TNT) this Thursday (August 15).

JV and Jinggoy on TNT

“Daddy told us, ‘I’m already 76, and anytime soon I will pass away. The two of you must reconcile if you want me to live longer.’ And I think that got into us. We just want our father to be happy,” JV shared in a taped interview.

The rift between the half-brothers erupted when JV refused Jinggoy’s endorsement during the May 2013 senatorial election campaign. JV also allegedly snubbed Jinggoy’s daughter, Janella, during a United Nationalist Alliance’s (UNA) proclamation rally last April.

Nonetheless, they both claim that their relationship is improving now. In fact, Jinggoy, a two-term senator, is said to be giving JV pieces of advice in delivering privilege speeches.

JV also shared that he avoids argument with Sen. Miriam Santiago. “If she stands up during my privilege speech, I will start to perspire,” he said.

Meanwhile, “TNT” will also tackle Jinggoy’s alleged involvement in the controversial P10-B pork barrel scam fronted by Janet Lim-Napoles, who purportedly runs dummy non-government organizations using lawmakers’ funds through ghost projects.

When the story broke out, Jinggoy’s association with Janet was brought into light, causing further public speculation. He, however, denied the allegations and said that he is open to any investigation.

“Yes, I personally know Janet, she is my wife’s friend, but it doesn’t not mean that we are transacting any business just because we are acquainted,” Jinggoy said.
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