Laserman is a Shoo-In for ‘4th Ultimate Talentado’ Title

Innovative. Unique. First and only act of its kind. These are the qualities why Hall of Famer J.B. dela Cruz also known as Laserman should win the "Battle Royale" of Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide on August 18.

Laserman from Malabon

JB dela Cruz, more popularly known as Laserman, is from Malabon city. He has been a fan of illusionist David Copperfield since he was 8 years old. JB loves performing simple magic tricks for his cousins and playmates. But his mom initially didn’t encourage him to do magic. When he was in college, he set aside magic and focused instead on music and his band.

There was a time in his life that he felt so lost. He spent his time drinking and hanging out with his barkada. Eventually he found solace in Christ and with a renewed faith in God, he decided to turn his life around. Around this time, he found magic again and realized that it is really his passion.

JB became the family’s breadwinner after his father fell ill. The medical bill was almost 1 million pesos and it was up to JB to sort their family’s finances. It was then that JB was juggling his corporate work and magic. There were times when it would be difficult for him to perform because he would think of his father. His father eventually passed.


JB decided to concentrate on magic. He left his corporate job in PLDT, where he was the Relationship Manager, to pursue his passion. At first, his mother didn’t agree with his decision. But the opportunities to perform soon came. Even his colleagues in PLDT where giving him opportunities to perform magic. He’s now been to several countries where he performed magic as front acts to other magicians and motivational speakers.

JB and his friend set-up a volunteer group for sick and poor children. They share their profits to the less fortunate kids.

Former Talentadong Pinoy Hall of Famer Wanlu, encouraged JB to join the show. He wants to win Talentadong Pinoy because he believes this will help people know more about the kind of magic he does. He also aspires to help more people with his winnings.

Check out Laserman’s performances in “Talentadong Pinoy” below:

Catch Laserman and the 6 other Hall of Famers who will vie in the upcoming “Battle Royale” on Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide tonight after “Istorifik” on TV5.


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