Radyo 5 Taxi Squad Conquer Davao this August

Radyo 5 Taxi Squad will come speeding in again in Davao this August, as there will be a Motorcade and Investiture at the Davao Almendras Gym on August 3, touching on how citizen journalism has headed to this part of the country, with taxi drivers becoming volunteers.


The news motorcade will have Raffy Tulfo and Nina Taduran from the famous Wanted sa Radyo daily afternoon show on 92.3NewsFM Manila, Robert Teo, Mike Pasco, and Gem Avancena from Radyo 101.9 Davao as well as Radyo 5 Taxi Squad Members and PLDT Call All. There will also be an inspiring Good Deed-Recognition of Radyo 5 Taxi Squad members by Ms. Nina Taduran, and a much-awaited Investiture Ceremony with Raffy Tulfo.

Another milestone in TV5’s brand of journalism, Radyo 5 Taxi Squad represents one of the biggest and fastest growing volunteer forces in the country, again showing the station’s commitment to cause journalism beyond news, and is action-oriented. Last year, interested Davaoeno cab drivers were asked to sign up and be part of the station’s citizen journalism unit. Applicants who were interested in the Taxi Squad could avail of free services including haircuts, medical check-ups, and snacks.

NEWSMotorcadePhoto1—From past motorcades of the Radyo 5 Taxi Squad, Raffy Tulfo together with the rest of the show’s crew, went around in a motorcade, promoting citizen journalism. Last year, applicants could avail of free services including haircuts, medical check-ups, and snacks.

NEWSMotorcadePhoto2— Radyo 5 Taxi Squad will be in Davao again this August, with a Motorcade and Investiture. Raffy Tulfo and Nina Taduran are some of the main news personalities.

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