Lee Grane Maranan vs Dan Billano – The Voice PH Battle Rounds (Video)

Lee Grane Maranan and Dan Billano from Team Bamboo performed U2’s “One” during the battle rounds of The Voice of the Philippines on Sunday, July 28.


Vocal coach Bamboo picked Lee over Dan after the match.

Watch the video here:

8 Comments on Lee Grane Maranan vs Dan Billano – The Voice PH Battle Rounds (Video)

  1. My comment is already too late. But what the hell. I cant get over Bamboo’s decision. He just destroyed his image and integrity as a coach. Even Lee Grane herself was not satisfied with her own performance. Now tell me, was it really talent that the coach based his judgment upon as the program was claiming?

  2. It’s another fixed reality show, i can see the ratings drop now.

  3. Let the battle begin…balewala din pala kasi yung favorite pa din ang pinili kahit ngmukhang back up singer lng..Pweeee!!!

  4. Bawas points ka BAMBOO tsk tsk tsk….

  5. the best battle so far is team sarah…most dis appointed naman yung team kawayan…i like lee grane during the blind audition pero dan deserve to win the battle that night

  6. #Thevoice fan // July 30, 2013 at 9:25 am //

    it should have been dan…

  7. bias… badtrip…kitang kita mas umangat si dan.. yun battle nila ang pangit sa lahat ng round

  8. Anonymous // July 29, 2013 at 3:40 pm //

    I vote for dan. wrong choice by bamboo

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