‘Cassandra: Warrior Angel’ Reveals Shocking Twist on Final Week

TV5’s hit fantasy series, Cassandra: Warrior Angel, may be ending soon, but the series that gave life to the mystical world of demons and angels are not done yet surprising viewers with its biggest twist ever.


Last week, Cassandra (Eula Caballero) suffered a major loss after some of her friends and allies lost their lives during the massive maligno attack. For its final week, TV5’s Angel of Drama teased that another death will surely shock the audience—and this time, it’s a major character who will meet an untimely demise.

While fans ponder, and anxiously wait for this episode, other highlights for the week include the action-packed and must-see battle of the angels and demons. Malignos that have haunted and tormented Cassandra will rise once more, and it’s up to Cassandra and her family to protect mankind. Don’t miss the epic finale of Cassandra: Warrior Angel starting on July 29, 7:00PM only on TV5.

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  1. di ko alam n me ganito palang palabas.

  2. tv addict // July 27, 2013 at 10:21 am //

    matatapos na? parang hangin lang na dumaan? 😀

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