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"The Muses" is an entry to the 1st CineFilipino Film Festival. It's a story of sibling rivalry in the music business where two sisters find the hidden truths about fame, family and their own selves.


Janice Perez’s directorial debut “Sabongero” (2009) was screened at the short film corner at the 2009 Festival de Cannes. Now her new movie “The Muses” is one of the 8 finalists in the upcoming 1st CineFilipino Film Festival. The film’s original story came from Perez and acoustic singer Kitchie Nadal with screenplay by Perez, Nadal and Janelle Jamer.

Synopsis: The much-awaited search for the Philippine representative to the Fairground Music Festival in NYC unfolds at the Artists Hall at Benedicto College in Cebu. The live event showcases a battle of the bands and acts to determine the best of the best in the Philippine music scene. Marthe San Lucas, main vocalist of The Muses, one of the bigger contenders for the top spot, desires to win the audition contest at all costs. She arrives in Cebu two days ahead with her younger sister and the band’s main songwriter and guitarist, Marie, along with their fireball of a manager, Bunny, to do some promotional touring ahead of the big event. The fateful trip to Cebu leads both sisters to discover hidden truths about dreams, fame, family, and the real beauty and meaning behind their music.

Cast of Characters:

Marthe San Lucas: Janelle Jamer
Marie San Lucas: Kitchie Nadal
Bunny Alcaraz: Ranz Andri Medina
Mateo San Lucas: Chicoy Romualdez
Declan Vear: Josh Manning
Topher Eliseo: Eli Razo
Franco Reyes: as himself
Kate Oz: Jenny Ozaraga
Branson Melville: Yannick Hofe
Stage Manager: Badidi Labra
Budoy Mirabiles as himself

Watch the trailer here:

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