GMA Network Wins 11 Awards at the 2013 US International Film and Video Festival

GMA-7 is the only Philippine network to emerge victorious at the 2013 US International Film and Video Festival with 11 recognitions!


The 11 programs from GMA-7 and GMA News TV Channel 11 which won at this year’s USIFVF are the following:


State of the Nation with Jessica Soho – “The Wrath of the Monsoon” episode


News Magazine:
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho – “Photographs of Typhoon Pablo” episode

24 Oras – “Sendong Tragedy”

Saksi – “Wrath of the Monsoon”

Documentary – Religion:
I-Witness – “Santo at Sikreto” by Howie Severino
San Pedro Calungsod (starring Rocco Nacino)

Children’s Entertainment:
iBilib –

Kusina Master

Pahiram ng Sandali

Bawal Ang Pasaway Kay Mareng Winnie – “One on One with Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile”

Education – Professional Development & Continuing Education:
I Juander – “Why is the Lechon the Centerpiece of Every Filipino Celebration”

Founded in 1967, USIFVF recognizes outstanding corporate, education, entertainment, documentary and student productions.

24 Comments on GMA Network Wins 11 Awards at the 2013 US International Film and Video Festival

  1. whattheheck? // June 16, 2014 at 4:56 pm //

    I would also like you to know that the reason why ABS always wins KBP it is because GMA is not part of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas as its credibility is in question.

  2. whattheheck? // June 16, 2014 at 4:51 pm //

    MikelMilan…you’re maybe smart but dont be too obvious that you’ve been trying hard to dig information without factual basis…it only shows how desperate you are. Of course, a lot of entries will be sent as there are numerous categories to be filled in. Sometimes, dont let your shallow mind eat you. Please also be reminded that when it comes to news reporting GMA is more credible compared to ABS. Please also be informed that their top anchors had issues in the past. I would also like to feed your dying mind that ABS lost so many cases filed by GMA because they dont have proofs…just like you…It is also indeniable that GMA News is the most awarded news channel in the country and abroad. Do you think the big bosses of the network will just waste a single centavo for a non profitable show/s? Next time when you say something make it more realistic and credible without any bias. And, please do the math for you to lnpw if the network is earning or not. Duh! Simple analogy. And one more thing ABS is good in covering up mistakes, lies, and issues…can you still remember “Wowowee” incident when Willie and the staff tampered the the price to be given out which was later found out to be “a cheating game”? Wake up your senses and dont get fooled by your beloved network.

  3. pag GMA Network kc pang international yan , ou nga mangilan2 lng ang awrd nila d2 sa pinas but they are internationally awarded network .. nkagawa cla ng movie nla na The Road na internationally knowned ..

  4. The U. S. International Film & Video Festival was founded in 1968 and is one of the world’s leading international events devoted exclusively to recognition of outstanding Business, Television, Documentary, Entertainment, Industrial, and Informational productions.

  5. Anonymous // June 20, 2013 at 4:30 pm //

    Ano ba yan film award nga bat tv ang nanalo. Kalokohan.

  6. thanks for the info MIKELMILAN. very well said.


  8. yan ang gma the best kapuso

  9. Anonymous // June 20, 2013 at 4:35 am //

    Perfect explaination!

  10. MgA dA hU?

    ibilib, kusina master at pahiram ng sandali? ni hindi nga pinapansin ang mga flop na shows na yan dito sa pinas! sainyo na yang never-heard award na yan!!! bwahahaha!!!
    quality batayan d2, di popularity, ang popularity prang text voting lng yan, kht di ok binubuto, di mo naman kelangan marinig o malaman ang award giving body na yan, wla k naman pkialam at silbi eh

  11. $475.00 per entry

  12. @mikelmilan:: 5 star for you.

  13. mikelmilan // June 19, 2013 at 8:24 pm //

    1. While Other countries are trying and betting only one program or

    two as the most, GMA-7 is sending more than multiple entries to int’l

    award giving bodies. Delicadeza is seems to be missing when

    submitting entries twice the number of the combined total applications

    from across the globe.
    GMA should include the tag-line: “More Entries mean more chance of

    GMA-7, please be minded that awards are not for raffle. The nerve!




    2. GMA, when reporting news entails unfairly dissemination of

    information to the general mass. GMA will always be reporting after

    their own advantage and benefit. Obviously, GMA films will have no

    entry for this year’s annual MMFF, thus, they reporting significant cuts

    in the news which is in fact necessary to the reporting. GMA news fear

    to mention each of the qualified movies’ Producers and Film outfits.
    GMA, your news department can’t hide the fact that you have zero

    movie for this year’s MMFF. Try sending multiple entries here. It may

    help the industry. This one matters!
    P.S. If you want to tamper the truth, you can cut also the names of

    ABS-CBN artists mainstreaming the Film Festival, but We wonder what

    will you report then after?

    3. GMA, How in the world you are number 1 and yet you cannot sell

    movies? T.V reflects all sorts of Media. T.V is the foundation. The

    motherboard, the umbrella. If it is performing best, the branches in

    other platforms should also be performing well. TV correlates Movies.
    What happened to Dancing of the Steel Bars?
    My lady boss which was further and further moved from its original

    What happened to your entries in MMFF? The Biggest Mainstream

    Movie Battle in the country. You have no movies nor even a single

    entry nor co-prod.
    What happened to your stars? They can’t even stand alone to carry

    the movie. Someone from ABS-CBN should be a part of the cast to be

    appealing to the movie-goers. (Don’t claim for Vic and Bong, because

    long ago, they are MMFF established stars and even collaborated

    with Star Cinema for even box-office successes!)




  14. nahhhh! just to save gmew network kya kahit d kilalang award giving body sinalihan..for sure sila sila na lang gumagawa ng award nila to redeem their

  15. nganga mga kapamilya hahaha.

  16. Di ko kilala yang award giving body na yan… Award giving body for unpopular shows and unrecognized network?

  17. paano naman sasali ang ABS di naman qualified programs nila.

  18. MgA dA hU? // June 19, 2013 at 11:48 am //

    ibilib, kusina master at pahiram ng sandali? ni hindi nga pinapansin ang mga flop na shows na yan dito sa pinas! sainyo na yang never-heard award na yan!!! bwahahaha!!!

  19. Kapokpok tigok // June 19, 2013 at 11:47 am //

    Haha mlamang binyaran nila yan o 2 lng clang nalaban ;)) hahaha

  20. proud to be kapuso!!! Ayan ang tunay na award!! Hindi nababayaran!!!

  21. ohemghie // June 19, 2013 at 10:51 am //

    asikasuhin muna ng abscbn ang kaso nila s gma… mga bayarang ng cocoment ng kapamilya…


  23. pfft..

  24. @jayvee santos : as if naman sumali ang abs dun sa di kilalang award giving body.

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