Matanglawin Features the World’s Greatest Inventions

Learn how simple gadgets are transforming people’s lives as host “Kuya” Kim Atienza discusses some of the world’s greatest inventions this Sunday (June 15) in “Matanglawin.”
One of the most popular gadgets today is the smartphone and most people, including celebrities, consider it as one thing they cannot live without. Anne Curtis shares to Kuya Kim how she uses her smartphone for her personal life and for work, while Sam Milby, Enchong Dee, Iya Villania, and Martin Nievera reveal their favorite mobile apps.

The Trivia King also features other breakthrough inventions such as the refrigerator and the wheel.

In addition, Kuya Kim takes a trip down memory lane to show how music used to be played on a gramaphone, and how photographs were taken on a simple camera instead of today’s ubiquitous camera phone. All these and more on “Matanglawin” this Sunday (June 15), 9:30 AM on ABS-CBN.

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