‘SOCO’ Hunts Down Most Wanted Criminals

Broadcast journalist Gus Abelgas fortifies the search for justice for crime victims as his premier crime investigation program “SOCO” dedicates the entire month of June to tracking down the country’s most wanted criminals who remain at large.

To strengthen its campaign, “SOCO” has also launched a microsite ( where details about the offenders featured in the show are posted, as well as instructions on how to help law enforcers catch them.

This Saturday (June 1), Gus will delve into the 20-year search for a police officer who has been at large after allegedly killing four relatives of his former girlfriend. According to Elizabeth Mutuc, his ex-lover PO2 Zarry Perez took it against her that she went to work in Japan and refused to come home, and went on to murder her family.

On June 8, Gus will look into the crime committed by the most wanted criminal of Valenzuela City, Roberto Givera, a macho dancer who robbed and killed a city hall employee last year.

On June 15, meanwhile, “SOCO” will show how one of Balagtas, Bulacan’s most wanted offenders, Armando Roque, robbed his own father of P200,000 and then killed him, his aunt, and two nieces afterward.

Gus will then detail on June 22 the gruesome crime involving Jobel Dilco, Southern Police District’s most wanted criminal, for killing his own employer.

And for its last offering in June, “SOCO” will feature on June 29 the notorious Wilfredo Mercado, also known as “manananaksak” in Infanta, Quezon due to his violent behavior when he gets drunk.

Watch “SOCO: Scene of the Crime Operatives” the whole month of June, Saturdays after “Showbiz Inside Report” on ABS-CBN. For updates on the program, like To watch the last three episodes of “SOCO,” visit

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  1. Abner Villanueva // March 29, 2014 at 5:15 pm //

    Do you have a record of Benjamin Nacin, one of Pangasinan’s most wanted. He is from Aguilar Pangasinan. He was convicted of murder in the 1980s. Until recently he attended the wedding of his Daughter (yata or son). but the authorities of the said town did not even try to investigate or made surveillance of the convict’s house.

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