Engkwentro: Daughter Stands Up Against Overprotective Mother

Karen Davila looks into the rift between a mother and her daughter, who accuses the former of being overprotective and hurting her physically, today (May 28) in “Pinoy True Stories: Engkwentro.”

Jacquelyn, a single mother, is firm and dedicated when it comes to taking care of her two children, especially her youngest daughter, 15-year-old Veronica. Little does Jacquelyn know, however, that her controlling tactics already choke up her daughter.

Veronica claims that she can no longer stand her mother’s overprotectiveness because aside from locking her up inside their house, her mother also physically hurts her. Jacquelyn and her neighbor Corazon have also started a fight when the latter accommodated Veronica in her home and started defending the young girl against her own mother. Will Jacquelyn ever change her parenting ways?

Meanwhile, watch how “Pinoy True Stories: Saklolo” helped a married couple get medical assistance for their two epileptic children in its episode this Wednesday (May 29).

Don’t miss “Pinoy True Stories: Engkwentro” with Karen Davila today (May 28) and “Pinoy True Stories: Saklolo” with Maan Macapagal and Dominic Almelor this Wednesday (May 29), 4:45pm on ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gold. For updates on the program, follow @PinoyTruStories on Twitter.

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