Anne Curtis – ‘Smart Flexibundles’ TVC (Video)

Check out Anne Curtis' latest commercial for Smart Communications called "Flexibundles." Learn how this postpaid offer can save you money!

Anne Flexibundles

The TVC features Anne and her friend Andi “shopping” for their postpaid plans. Both are getting similar bundles like IDD, All Net Text, Tri Net Plus, etc. Everything was fine until they head to the cashier where Andi discovered that she’s paying almost double the price of what Anne got.

“Smart Flexibundles,” as introduced by Anne, has just been launched yesterday, May 26. The initiative gives postpaid subscribers greater control over their plans with over 20 flexible bundles like unlimited call and SMS combos, try-net or all-net buckets, and volume-based data plans.

See the complete list of bundles at the following link:

Watch the TVC here:

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