Philippine Volcanoes Keep a Cool Head

Men and sports often go hand in hand. Whether they are passionate fans or athletes themselves, sports are an important part of their lives. They’re willing to do almost anything in support of their team – paint their faces in their team’s colors, camp out to watch a game or even get physical. And to really get their adrenaline pumping, rougher sports are even better – and rugby is one of the roughest sports out there!


To play an aggressively fast-paced contact sport like rugby, a rugby player has to be fit and tough. Playing with little to no padding, he can’t be afraid to get hit, be tackled or face an opponent much stronger than him. But as much as it is a physical game, the mental aspect of the game is just as important. In order to succeed, it isn’t just about a show of strength. He must also maintain his focus despite the rigors of playing. With a dozen bodies tackling and piling up on each other, and the unforgiving sun in this cruel climate, keeping a cool head can be difficult. No one understands this challenge more than the Philippine Volcanoes.

That’s why the Philippine Volcanoes trust only Head & Shoulders (Head & Shoulders), the world’s no. 1 shampoo. Head & Shoulders recently launched a cool men’s line with new Head & Shoulders Men Cool Blast. Aside from removing up to 100% dandruff forever with regular use, it also has menthol to give an instant cooling, refreshing sensation in the shower.


Philippine Volcanoes team captain Michael Letts shares, “Head & Shoulders Men helps us keep a cool head both on and off the field.” His brother and fellow Philippine Volcano Jake Letts adds, “On the field, it’s all about focus during the play. With Head & Shoulders, we not only have a healthy scalp free from distractions like itchiness or irritation. With new Head & Shoulders Men Cool Blast, we also have a literally cool head.”

Philippine Volcano and psychiatrist Michael Duhig advises, “Losing your cool can keep you from performing your best – whether in a rugby game, on a hot date or in an office meeting. Staying calm and cool, even when the heat is on, can mean the difference between getting ahead and losing.”

In fact, keeping a cool head in a high pressure situation has led to Philippine Volcanoes clinching the final ticket to qualify for the 2013 Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow. And their cool headedness will continue to serve the team well in their next match versus Hong Kong on May 4 at Rizal Stadium and their other upcoming matches.

To help make this happen, the Philippine Volcanoes trusts only new Head & Shoulders Men Cool Blast to keep a cool head. Like the Philippine Volcanoes, stay cool this hot summer because real men know how to keep a cool head with Head & Shoulders Men.


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