Ryzza Mae Faces Her Fear of Dogs with Doc Nielsen (Video)

Ryzza Mae Dizon conquered her fear of dogs with the help of Doc Nielsen Donato of "Born to be Wild" on Monday's episode of "The Ryzza Mae Show."

Ryzza Dog

The veterinarian told Ryzza that he brought along his dog with him. The 7-year-old was expecting a big dog that’s why she told Doc Nielsen that she’s afraid to meet his pet.

“Takot ako sa aso, nakakahiya naman, mabubuking ako,” she whispered to her guest.

“Sige, magtiwala ka, nandito ako para hindi ka matakot, ako bahala sa ‘yo,” said Doc Nielsen.

Ryzza was delighted to see that the dog named Snowball is not a big one contrary to what she had expected.

Watch the video here:

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