Book: ‘Quiet Moments Alone with God: A Devotional for Women’

Much-loved author and home management expert Emilie Barnes wrote "Quiet Moments Alone with God" to help women develop consistent devotional habits.


This beautiful deluxe edition in a take-anywhere compact size, is filled with heartfelt meditations for busy women. From someone who has been there, Emilie writes about God’s grace, family struggles, forgiveness, the challenges of everyday life, and other subjects close to heart and home.

Each quiet moment includes a Scripture verse, a brief devotion, and an inspiring message takes 15 minutes or less to complete ends with encouragement to put thought to action Readers experience God’s touch daily as they make their way through this book spending a few Quiet Moments Alone with God.

Product Details:

Title: Quiet Moments Alone with God
Subtitle: A Devotional for Women
Author: Emilie Barnes
Category: Devotional, Inspirational, Women
Language: English
Binding: Softcover
No. of Pages: 284
ISBN-10: 971-0453-43-2
ISBN-13: 978-971-0453-43-6
Product Dimensions: 4″ x 6″
SRP: 175.00/copy

Sample Pages:

Quiet Moments Sample 1 Quiet Moments Sample 4
Quiet Moments Sample 3 Quiet Moments Sample 2

Published by Lifebooks, “Quiet Moments Alone with God” is now available in all branches of National Bookstore (under Inspirational section), Powerbooks, Philippine Christian Bookstore and Fully Booked nationwide.

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