Symmetry Stuns Judges of ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ (Video)

Five pairs of twins impressed the judges of "Pilipinas Got Talent" on Saturday night after they performed a dance routine with a unique twist: the illusion of reflections.


Kris Aquino said “You definitely make Davao very proud. Kasi minsan nakakatakot ang isang novelty act, when the novelty wears off, baka wala nang ibubuga. Pero you have all the elements that can make you guys stars. You’re attractive, you’re charming, and you’re very talented. Kaya kahit even without the mirror, tatagal talaga kayo.”

Freddie M. Garcia said “Napakahirap ng ginagaw niyo. It’s so difficult. Just to move alone, to dance in synch is already difficult to do. What more, to have exactly the same movements? At nakatalikod ah. Mahirap gawin ‘yun. I’m sure you rehearsed many hours just to perfect your act, at bilib na bilib ako sa inyo.”

Watch the sensational performance of Symmetry here:

Symmetry Video

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