‘Luv U’ Barkada Pulls Off a Surprise Party

Join in the sizzling fun of summer with the “LUV U” gang as your favorite barkada throws a surprise birthday blowout especially for their favorite Principal Spencer (Smokey Manaloto) at Amana Waterpark this Sunday (April 21).

Luv U Cast Members

A quiet summer romance blooms in the midst of all the partying, as JB and Camille reach their first monthsary, sharing precious and intimate little moments during the barkada’s getaway.

Summer romance doesn’t stop there as it reaches the relationship of April and Boom, but just as seasons change, an unexpected turn is about to be taken in their lives together.

Just what will the summer celebration be for our favorite barkada? How will Camille and JB celebrate their first monthsary? And even more importantly, will the barkada be able to stay the way they are with all the things that are coming their way? Tune in to this week’s episode of LUV U to find out, to be aired on Sunday (April 21), after ASAP 18.

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