Psy’s Music Video for ‘Gentleman’ Breaks YouTube Single Day Record

The music video of Psy's follow up to "Gangnam Style" garnered around 20 million hits on YouTube erasing previous single-day record set by Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber.


The music video for “Gentleman” was released on YouTube on Saturday, April 13. After 24 hours, it has amassed around 20 million hits besting previous record of 8 million hits set by “Boyfriend,” teen superstar Justin Bieber’s music video in May 2012.

After almost two days after the release, the stats more than doubled.

“51million views in 40hours!! My God~!!!” the Korean sensation exclaimed on his Twitter account.

Psy also holds the record for having the most-watched video on YouTube for all time. The music video of his worldwide hit “Gangnam Style” has accumulated more than 1.5 billion hits since July 15, 2012.

Watch the video of Psy’s “Gentleman” here:

Psy MV

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