Bea Alonzo on Her Inner Beauty: ‘I Try to See the Good in Every Person’

“The things that I’ve gone through made me beautiful… and I am beautiful because I know who I am inside. I try to see the beauty in every person. I try to see the good in every person,” remarked by Bea Alonzo on her one on one interview with Boy Abunda for her Olay Conversations webisode.

Bea Olay

It is without a doubt, that Bea is one of the most beautiful of today’s generation of stars. Her beauty is timeless, flawless and elegant. But beyond the physical charm is a woman with a great heart. She’s a woman who has proven time and time again that the beauty that is being possessed outside should reflect what’s inside.

Amidst the pressure of the spotlight, Bea has remained self-aware, confident and down-to-earth. Though she is so famous now, she has maintained her private life, private. She’s making headlines not because of personal matters, but because of her achievement as an actress. Bea takes care of her career as she considers it as her calling.

In the webisode, Bea relayed that she couldn’t think of anything else to do than acting. Bea started as a talent in Star Magic. After several months of workshop, she scored her first role on a teleserye, “I became real to them, and Inang (referring to the director) saw that and they hired me.” Bea’s honesty on-cam and off-cam is one of the major key players on why she has able to make a big mark in the industry, and that stays true up to this point.

She had her fair share of struggles. She shared that she didn’t come from a well-off family. The early phase of trying to make it in the industry has been tough but she didn’t give up. When she was discovered on a beauty pageant, she persuaded her mom to give acting a shot. Though hesitant at first, her mother gave in to her daughter’s plea. Bea’s journey to stardom has begun then.

Overall, Bea is truly happy now mostly because of the people around her. More to that, to quote her in Olay Conversations happiness for her means “having to provide for someone and to know who you really are.”

Watch Olay Conversations with Bea Alonzo now and learn more about this mesmerizing star as she share her life story with Boy Abunda.

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