‘Boracay Bodies’ Gets Hotter with the Body Shots Challenge this Saturday

Viewers tuned in last Saturday night for the pilot episode of Boracay Bodies on TV5. Eight interesting celebrities finally landed on the shores of the island paradise where they will compete for the title of "Ultimate Party Boy and Girl."

Boracay Bodies - body shots episode

The eight party people: “the wise man” Luke Jickain, “lover boy” Victor Silayan, “the jester” Joross Gamboa, “Mr. Boy-next-door” Brent Javier, “Ms. Righteous” Wendy Valdez, “the sweet girl” Helga Krapf, “mysterious” Krista Miller and the one and only “diva” Ethel Booba engaged in a fun treasure hunt where they got to know their roommates better.

Will the party people be able to get along? Who will be prove to be the crowd-pleaser and who’s just downright “annoying”? What challenges await them on this seven-day Boracay holiday?

Catch the much-awaited body shots challenge and the party people’s own take on truth-or-dare on Boracay Bodies this Saturday, 9PM on TV5.

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