Allan Soriano’s Prank Calls Video on YouTube Draws Flak from Netizens

A certain Allan Soriano is now being tagged by netizens as "Baklang Baboy" after his YouTube videos making prank calls to various business establishments went viral.


This YouTube video featuring Soriano making prank calls to malls, restaurants and other business establishments had a moment of “popularity” in various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but all for the wrong reasons.

Netizens were quick to react on his YouTube video and even called him “Baklang Baboy.” Here are some of the negative comments he received:

“Yung mga tinatawagan nya sobrang dedicated sa trabaho, tapos sya walang magawa kundi mang-istorbo at mang-inis. Yung totoo, nakapag-elementary ka ba?” – Katrina Joyce Leal

“Yuck! she looks like little pig who wants attention!” – Dimonito Dimauari

“Nakakatawa naman sya kaso nga nanggagago sya ng kapwa…” – Monterrey Cruz

Some of the comments are threats like this one:

“magtago ka na! kahit san ka pumunta, may handang saktan ka! makita kita, batong malaki talaga sasalubong sa mukha mo!” – iamvynz

Watch the infamous video here:

After becoming the subject of hate on Facebook and Twitter, Soriano uploaded a new video, but now he’s asking for apology to the public. He also said sorry to his school, St. Paul Parañaque, for what he did:

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