Dive Into Epic Action with Spiderman Magazine’s Summer Issue

Though the sun strikes its powerful heat this summer, it will be a wet and wild season with Spiderman (Super) Summer Issue where Spidey dives into a crazy adventure as he goes against the master of moisture, Hydroman!


In an 11-page comic, the water-based villain submerges the city in flood with everyone waiting for Spiderman to save the day against the not-so-wondrous Hydroman. And, speaking of water, also here is Black Cat, the fierce and feline villain, and also an exceptional gymnast, acrobat, and hand-to-hand fighter. From snorkeling to wake boarding, this issue also presents a list of some of the world’s most exciting water sports worth trying under the sun. As a bonus, stage your own epic super-battles with a special cut-out paper scorer. Spiderman is a monthly magazine of ABS-CBN Publishing Inc. It is available at P70 in major bookstores and newsstands nationwide. For comments and contributions, email Spiderman Magazine at

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