Paul Jolley – ‘Eleanor Rigby’ – American Idol 12 Top 9 (Video)

Paul Jolley sang "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles on American Idol 12 Top 9.

Paul Jolley

Judges Thoughts:

Nicki Minaj said “I like that jacket and shirt and those skinny jeans. I did not like your performance. Very safe, bland and forgettable.

Randy Jackson said “I thought you were disconnected.”

Mariah Carey said “I think it is a great song choice. You have to be able to give as much emotion when you are singing softly. Your voice is incredible. You could sing an uptempo dance record with some pop producer.”

Keith Urban said “I wasn’t a big fan of the note at the end. There were parts that were pop rock in a way. I hope we get to hear you again.”

Watch the performance here:

Paul Jolley – Eleanor Rigby – American Idol 12…

Video courtesy of IdolxMuzic

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