Lazaro Arbos – ‘In My Life’ – American Idol 12 Top 9 (Video)

Lazaro Arbos sang "In My Life" by The Beatles on American Idol 12 Top 9. He cried after hearing the judges' harsh comments.


Judges Thoughts:

Mariah Carey said “I commend you on your bravery. It’s a big deal and I am proud of you. The song could have been a half step higher.”

Keith Urban said “Choosing the key of the song is important. That was the right place for you.”

Nicki Minaj said “You aren’t back to the Lazaro I remember. Your confidence is different now. You used to be working it when you took the stage.”

Randy Jackson said “That was your worst performance ever. It was attitude from beginning to end.”

Watch the performance here:

Lazaro Arbos – In My Life – American Idol 12…

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