Karylle and Kuya Kim Atienza Run for DZMM Scholars

Award-winning TV host and anchor, ‘Kuya’ Kim Atienza proves that his commitment to the advancement of youth education does not end in sharing trivia as he leads the 3rd “DZMM Takbo Para sa Karunungan,” along with singer-actress Karylle in their new role as ambassadors of DZMM's advocacy.


“It is an honor to be the face and voice of ‘Takbo Para sa Karunungan.’ We will run to change people’s lives because knowledge is important for a prosperous life,” said Kuya Kim, who is very active in the country’s marathon and triathlon scene.

The fun run will take place on Saturday (March 23) at the Quirino Grandstand and will fund the scholarship of DZMM’s 75 scholars, who were affected by typhoons Ondoy and Sendong and the Habagat.

Kuya Kim shared stories of some of the DZMM scholars who found the motivation to excel academically.

“Before, Rosalinda used to go to school without having breakfast, but now she can already afford a tricycle ride to school. There is Efren, who used to be very timid but now ranks seventh in his class. There is Roxanne, who is very diligent that she even teaches her older brother,” Kuya Kim said.

Karylle, meanwhile, revealed she expressed support for DZMM’s project not only because she loves running but because she sees the scholars’ determination to overcome the tragedy they went through.

“These kids were affected by these devastating typhoons but they are still willing to learn. It’s not just about education, it’s also about making people better, getting them the best that they can be in every aspect, in education, in sports, in their family and spiritual life,” she shared.

Karylle joined the first leg of the the DZMM Takbo Para sa Karunungan in 2010 that only supported 25 scholars. Now, she hopes and expects more scholars will be helped as the advocacy gains momentum.

“The great thing about running is anyone and everyone can do it. One does not have to love running to help. It will also help the other students to appreciate the school more,” said Karylle, who is running in the 5km category.

Karen Davila, Gerry Baja, Winnie Cordero, Gretchen Fullido and other DZMM anchors will also join the run.

This year’s event is also supported by CFC Ancop Tekton Foundation Inc. and St. Jude Catholic School batch 1990.

Aside from the rewarding involvement in the AM radio station’s advocacy, cash prizes also await the top winners of the 3km, 5 km, 10 km, and 21 km race categories and participating largest government organizations, non-government organizations, and school contingents.

The better future of the scholars lies in your feet. To register, visit or call the secretariat at 4152272 local 5674 and 5641.

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