‘Demandahan’ Tackles the Issues on Spousal Support

Does a woman have a legal right to run after and seek financial support from her husband even if he is already living with another woman abroad?

Broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna finds the answer as he helps “Grace” seek legal advice in “Pinoy True Stories: Demandahan” tomorrow (March 14).

“Grace” is battling stage five chronic kidney disease and spending approximately P32,000 for her monthly medication. Because of the steep costs of her treatment, she asked for financial help from her overseas Filipino worker husband, who declined and threatened to have their marriage annulled.

Join Tunying as he accompanies Grace to Atty. Pablo Inventor to find out her legal rights as a wife and what steps she can take to pursue it. How can she file a case against her husband when he is living abroad?

Don’t miss “Demandahan” tomorrow (March 14), 4:45 PM in ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gold. Catch the other programs of “Pinoy True Stories” produced by ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs namely “Bistado” with Julius Babao on Mondays, “Engkwentro” with Karen Davila on Tuesdays, “Saklolo” with Maan Macapagal and Dominic Almelor on Wednesdays, and “Hiwaga” with Atom Araullo on Fridays. For updates, follow @PinoyTruStories on Twitter.

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