Ryza Cenon Plays Shabu Addict-Prosti Role in ‘Tanikala 5’

Catch Starstruck Female Survivor Ryza Cenon this Holy Week as she proves she’s got more to offer than just owning the dance floor. Ryza plays May Montealegre, the lead role in CBN Asia’s Holy Week special entitled “TANIKALA 5: Liwanag sa Dapithapon”.

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In the story, the young Kapuso actress stars as a “shabu addict young mom-turned-prostitute” seeking for her life’s meaning. Ryza admits that this project has most challenging role to date.

“I found the role very testing since I don’t know what it feels like to get high and addicted with drugs and cigarettes and to have a drug dependent boyfriend. In real life, I’m the opposite. I don’t have any vices. And I’m not ashamed to say that I have a curfew and I’m a home buddy,” Ryza admits.

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So, where does she get all the emotions needed for the role? The bad girl on the dance floor has her own way to emote. “I just think of my dogs,” she quips. “And also, I look back on all the sad moments in my life. But still, it’s never going to replace the emotions I can give had I experienced those hardships and problems as of May’s.” As an actress, Ryza’s glad to have been trusted with a challenging lead part.

Watch CBN Asia’s Holy Week special “Tanikala 5: Liwanag sa Dapithapon” on March 28, Maundy Thursday, 5:00 p.m. on GMA 7. Written by Gin Sardea and directed by Derrek Adapon, “Tanikala 5: Liwanag sa Dapithapon” is a project of CBN Asia, producer of the inspirational show The 700 Club Asia and made-for-TV films such as Lamat sa Puso, Sa Ngalan ng Anak, and it’s annual Lenten offering Tanikala.
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