‘The Fighting Chefs’ – Movie Poster and Trailer

Celebrity Chef Boy Logro dishes out his other talent, comedic acting, in Viva Films' newest offering "The Fighting Chefs," starring action star and Optical Media Board (OMB) chief Ronnie Ricketts.

The Fighting Chefs

In the movie, Ronnie is the Master Chef, owner of a restaurant in Elite Square with scrumptious recipes. He also acts as the leader of the various themed-restaurants in the premises managed by different chefs. Conflict, however, arises when business rivals try to take the place from them.

Aside from Ricketts and Logro, the movie also stars Arci Munoz, Hero Angeles, Vandolph, John Hall, Joross Gamboa, Jade Lopez, Dinky Doo, Jeffrey Santos, Roi Vinzon, Roy Alvarez, Yoyong Martirez, Hideaki Torio, and Shalala. Introducing in the movie is Rickett’s daughter Marella Ricketts.

Under the story and direction of Ronnie Ricketts himself, “The Fighting Chefs” is slated to open in theaters on March 6, 2013 in selected theaters.

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Watch the full trailer here:

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