Vault Magazine Pays Tribute to Filipino Talent

It has been Vault’s practice over the past two years to dedicate its first issue of the year to the theme of timeless classics or heritage. Vault celebrates heritage not merely because of nostalgia, but because the past represents a level of purity and honesty that is sorely missing in our current consumer society.


The handcrafted products and artisanal brands highlighted in the magazine provide a mirror to the soul of their creators: passionate people who, despite the prevailing culture, still manage to put quality and integrity above all else. But this time around, Vault will go local. Artists, musicians, and craftsmen from the Philippines have long been celebrated all over the world for their skill and creativity.

From Juan Luna to Kenneth Cobonpue, Filipinos continue to prove that exceptional talent knows no boundaries and that good taste is universal. This issue pays tribute to some of these artists, past and present, legendary and anonymous, and how they continue to show the world the depth of creativity and the heights of sophistication that Filipinos possess.

Vault is a modern, sophisticated man’s lifestyle magazine featuring global luxury brands, unique experiences, and fine products that represent the best achievements of the human hand. Its approach to luxury is informed by creativity, craftsmanship, passion, and heritage.

In every issue you will find exceptional people and brands, which draw from the past to create the new icons of our age. Published quarterly by ABS-CBN Publishing, each issue has sections dedicated to automobiles, aviation, new establishments, equipment, travel, timepieces, art, style, grooming, property, and fine dining.

Vault is sold at all major bookstores in Metro Manila and is available for download on Zinio. To download ABS-CBN’s magazines, users on Android devices must download the Zinio app from the Android Market. The app is also available through the iPad App Store. PC and Mac users can access Zinio at

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