Luis Manzano – SMART Fiber Power TVC (Video)

Host actor Luis Manzano explains the power of fiber optic technology in communication and how SMART is leading the way & shaping the future with 4 times more fiber optic cables than any other providers.

SMART Fiber Optics

Did you know that millions of calls, billions of messages, and trillions of bytes can travel in a fine line called fiber optic? This is the message of the comprehensive TV commercial of Luis Manzano featuring SMART’s advanced network and how it’s powered by fiber optic technology with 4 times fiber power than other providers. And with 54,000 km of fiber optic cables across the country, the leader in mobile brings more bandwidth to more places, nationwide. Not to mention that your broadband connection will now be like a wide highway, no matter how many cars pass through, they would not be slowed down.

So imagine what you can do with the advanced network like SMART. You can do heavy-duty internet jobs like video calls, and HD streaming. And because SMART has fiber optic that stretches all across the country, you can transfer large documents and other file types four times faster than before. Now, downloading and uploading of any file is a breeze, meaning more productivity on your part.

And since this is the future in communications, watch the TVC below for a clear illustration on how SMART has already brought this state of the art technology in the Philippines:

So what do you think about the TVC? Think fiber power, think SMART!


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