Election Campaign Expenses Controversies in ‘Failon Ngayon’

With the election campaign season in full swing, candidates have started campaigning on all media platforms possible to woo voters, from TV commercials and posters to radio jingles. How much do these candidates spend? Do they all abide by the rules set by the Election Code?

Broadcast journalist Ted Failon investigates the controversies and technicalitiesin election campaigns this Saturday (Feb 23) in “Failon Ngayon.”

Last 2010 election, records show that Senator Manny Villar spent the greatest amount in the campaign, which is approximately P431 million. He is followed by President Noynoy Aquino who spent more than P400 million. Department of Interior and Local Goverbment secretary Mar Roxas and former president Joseph Estrada both shed more than P200 million.

COMELEC Chairman Sixto Brillantes admits that every election, political candidates exceed and do not follow the assigned limit of expenses. He also admits the poll body does not have the capacity to monitor all candidates vying for the 18,000 political positions in the country, especially those in the provinces.

Ted will further find out if a candidate has ever been caught and punished for violation campaign laws.

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