‘A Moment in Time’ is Most Romantic Valentine Movie of 2013

Moviegoers all over the nation, especially the fans of Coco Martin and Julia Montes, continue to spread the romantic vibes of the phenomenal love team’s first ever movie, “A Moment In Time.”


With the film’s beautiful narrative and string of ‘kilig’ scenes–particularly the much-talked-about kissing scenes of Coco and Julia that turned fans wild in the movie houses–many of those who saw it still go back to cinemas to re-witness the sweet moments of the two. “A Moment In Time” is a modern love story of Patrick (Coco) and Jillian (Julia) who went through different trials that measured their love for each other Will you be able to recreate that moment when you found that love and never let it go? Does everyone get that moment that second shot at love?

Produced by Star Cinema and directed by Emmanuel Palo, also featured in “A Moment In Time” are ZsaZsa Padilla, Cherie Gil, Gabby Concepcion, Ella Cruz, and the twins from “PBB Teen Edition 4″ Joj at Jai Agpangan. Continue to celebrate the love month with Coco and Julia in “A Moment In Time,” still showing in cinemas nationwide. For more information and latest updates about “A Moment In Time” simply visit, and

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