Stephanie Retuya Makes It to Final 3 of Asia’s Next Top Model

Philippine bet Stephanie Retuya made it to the final 3 of "Asia's Next Top Model." The winner will be revealed this Sunday, February 17, on Star World.


Stephanie Retuya has been in the bottom two five times in the last 12 episodes of “Asia’s Next Top Model.” Somehow, she hurdled the challenges week after week even though she hit the bottom two in the last four episodes of the show. Take note that this is an all-time record in the Top Model franchise – five bottom two appearances and yet she made it to the finals.

The 23-year-old Filipina will face Kate Ma of Taiwan and Jessica Amornkuldilok of Thailand for the title. The possibility of her winning is quite dim as her two rivals have been ‘favorites’ on one time or the other this season. Nevertheless, making it to the Final 3 is already an achievement!

Stephanie 2

Stephanie 3

Contestants from Singapore, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Nepal, and Japan have already been eliminated. The title is going to be contested by Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines!

Watch the finals of “Asia’s Next Top Model” this Sunday, February 17, on Star World at 8:55pm.

Images courtesy of Asia’s Next Top Model


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