Bryant Tadeo – Road to Hollywood – American Idol 12 (Video)

Bryant Tadeo is one of the three Filipino Americans rumored to have cracked the Top 40 of American Idol Season 12. Check out his 'Road to Hollywood' interview, audition video and Pre-Idol performances.

Bryant Tadeo

Bryant Tadeo was actually a batchmate of Jessica Sanchez last year, American Idol season 11. He made it to Hollywood round but unfortunately, he missed the final cut. This year, he auditioned again, made it to Hollywood round again, and rumor has it that he finally made it to the Top 20 boys.

Bryant is from Hilo, Hawaii. He said Mariah Carey is one of the artists that inspires him to be a performer.

What makes him unique? Bryant said he says a lot of weird stuff and admitted that he’s a dork.

Bryant’s favorite ‘Idol’ contestant from the past seasons is Adam Lambert because there’s “no one like him”.

Watch Bryant’s “Road to Hollywood” interview here:

Watch Bryant’s performance during Hollywood round and how Nicki Minaj joked that he’s going home here:

And don’t forget to check out Bryant’s performances on the link below:


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