Robin Padilla on Closeness with Kris Aquino: ‘We Know Our Limits’

Robin Padilla finally broke his silence about the recent controversy involving his wife Mariel Rodriguez, who reportedly left their house after a heated argument about the actor’s controversial love scenes with Kris Aquino (CLICK HERE FOR RELATED ARTICLE) in ABS-CBN’s hit primetime drama series "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw."

Robin Kris

In an exclusive interview of “The Buzz” aired last Sunday (February 10), Robin admitted that Mariel was deeply affected by the scenes in the TV series. However, Robin was firm in saying that Mariel has nothing to be jealous about with his relationship with Kris. “We know our limits. At our age, we won’t get into something complicated. We’re happy as friends,” said Robin.

Robin also confirmed that her intimate scenes with Kris had caused a conflict so serious that Mariel actually gave him back their wedding ring and left their house. However, Robin clarified that Mariel was gone from their house only for hours. “Kris immediately called her up during the time she left the house. That’s why I was so happy when Kris told me that she’s going back home,” said Robin.

Despite the recent happenings, Robin denied that he will limit himself from doing love scenes in his future TV and movie projects. “Why will it be prohibited? It’s part of the job. And Mariel will never be an obstacle in my work,” he said, “I just did what a husband would do to win back his wife. But it doesn’t mean that I’ll be a coward for my wife. She had to understand my point.”

Meanwhile, primetime viewers will surely be hooked with “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw” especially with the non-stop revelations in the story. How will Roxanne’s (Kris) cancer change her and Bog’s (Robin) family life? What will push Roxanne to surrender the only man she loves to her sister Ruth (Anne Curtis)?

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