Rags-to-Riches Stories of Sarah Geronimo, Coco Martin and Gerald Anderson to be Featured on ‘SIR’

Three of this generation's biggest stars--Sarah Geronimo, Coco Martin and Gerald Anderson--will take the spotlight this Saturday (February 9) in "Showbiz Inside Report" to inspire viewers with their true-to-life stories that share how their families drove them to achieve their dreams.


Discover in the exclusive stories of “SIR” how little Sarah, Coco, and Gerald were molded by their parents to aspire for bigger things in life. What were the sacrifices that they made to achieve their showbiz stardom? Don’t miss the trending showbiz talk show of ABS-CBN, “Showbiz Inside Report,” this Saturday, 2:30pm, after “It’s Showtime.” For more updates, log-on at, follow @SIRTVOfficial on Twitter, or like the Facebook fanpage

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