Joey de Leon’s ‘Hayop sa Galing’ Premieres Saturday Night

Seasoned TV host Joey de Leon is set to wow audiences once again in an entertaining and informative program about animals on "Hayop sa Galing," which will premiere this Saturday, February 2, at 8:00PM. The first episode will feature man vs. alligator and shark.

Joeys Hayop sa Galing

The show features the best animal videos all over the world translated in Filipino. For its pilot episode, Hayop sa Galing will highlight spectacular survival stories — like that of a man who survived after being bitten by an alligator, and the surfer who was able to escape death after a shark attack. The show will also feature an elephant whose foot was trapped in a tire but was eventually rescued by his fellow pachyderms.

There are also cute and funny clips of a bear that fell while sleeping in a hammock and a sporty kangaroo who does boxing and Muay Thai.

Aside from out-of-this-world footage with computer-generated graphics to help explain animal behavior in a clear and visual manner, Hayop sa Galing will also showcase a trivia game for Joey’s guests, culminating in a live dare. This week’s guests are TV5 young stars Ritz Azul and Martin Escudero. The two are tasked to outsmart each other in answering animal-oriented trivia questions to avoid the dare they wouldn’t want to accept.

Hayop sa Galing will air every Saturday at 8:00PM starting February 2 on TV5.

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