Jasmine Curtis-Smith: Young, Fab and Glowing

Fresh out of high school in Australia, Jasmine Curtis-Smith is back in the Philippines to headline a major endorsement campaign, to guest star on TV shows and to settle things out to finally stay in the country for good. Yes, Jasmine is finally embracing her showbiz career full time, and there is no stopping her from becoming one of the biggest stars this country has ever witnessed.


On January 24, 2013, during the ‘Flawless’ media conference, Jasmine welcomed the questions from the various online writers with regards to her whereabouts now that she’s in the Philippines. She enthusiastically answered everyone – a sign that this girl is finally ready for the big break that awaits her in the entertainment industry. She was dashing in her fuschia dress while wearing the trademark smile on her charming lips that she shares with her sister, Anne. It was apparent as well, how Jasmine was glowing, which illuminated the whole place, while conversing with everyone in a sweet and confident pace.

When asked how does it feel to be a part of a big brand like ‘Flawless’, “It such a good feeling to be a part of their family. I am very much happy. And they have the services that I need. And it’s very exciting that finally I have these billboards. It is so overwhelming to see my self on those.”

Speaking of billboards, which her big sister is very known for, Jasmine shared the major advice that she got from her ‘ate’ now that she will be a full time endorser and actress herself. “One of her main advice is that I should dress my age. I’m only 18 and as much as possible I should dress like an 18 year old and keep it sweet. Also, she said to just be real and don’t hide any secrets because that’s when you’ll get your self into trouble. Also, make sure you’re doing everything to the best of your abilities and make sure you love it kasi that’s what drives you on what you are doing.”

Moreover, now that she’s joining the showbusiness bandwagon, people can’t help but compare her with Anne but she’s fine with it. On what she thinks are their main differences, Jasmine pointed out that her sister knows her style more than she is. “Mas kikay si ate kaysa sa akin. I’m still experimental on my style but I’m getting there.”

Jasmine might be going full time in showbusiness, but that doesn’t mean that she’s giving up her university dreams. Jasmine is applying for a course in Ateneo and if all goes well, she will be joggling ‘showbiz’ and her studies, which only shows how determined and hard-working this young girl is. Now, how will she exactly handle everything? “I know it can be stressful sometimes but I need to focus, and I have people that support me.” If Ateneo won’t work out, she will be applying for an online course in a university in Australia, so that she can still stay here in the country and work on her career.

With the kind of beauty, wit and drive that Jasmine possesses, it is without a doubt that she belongs in the entertainment industry. As she sets foot on the showbiz lane, undeniably that this young, fab and glowing young star, will be charming her way to the top!

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