Meet the 7 Co-Hosts of Willie Revillame in ‘Wowowillie’

Coinciding with Willie Revillame's 52nd birthday this Saturday, January 26, is the premiere of "Wowowillie" -- TV5's newest and grandest noontime show! Meet Kuya Wil's 7 co-hosts that will bring beauty, laughter and luck.

Mariel Rodriguez


Mariel is the quintessential host, with her ability to switch between bubbly and serious depending on the situation. She knows how to be one with the audience with her quick wit and infinite array of reactions and facial expressions. People also love her Marielisms like “You’re the best talaga!”, “Perfect yan. Keep it up!”, and “Totoo ‘yan? Walang Chawrought!”

Mariel keeps it lively but she can also deliver information with clarity and call out contestants’ faults without being offensive. She is able to draw out emotions without having to go over the top. She is dependable in so many ways.

Mariel takes her role as a host seriously. She also knows when to step up to the plate. In a word, Mariel Rodriguez delivers.

Grace Lee


Grace is a dichotomy. She has the Korean tenacity and strength of character tapered with the soft heart of her adoptive country. She’s seen in many hosting jobs on radio and TV. She also delivers the news as a NEWS5 anchor. Grace gives brings her own intelligent opinion and credibility in every show she hosts.

The few months in Wiltime Big time revealed another side of Grace: her courage to show emotion. She has no qualms shedding a tear when hearing the stories of the contestants who appear on the show. The show also revealed Grace’s uncontrollable laughter that is contagious in its sincerity.

All eyes are on Grace as she moves into the noontime with Wowowillie and what other surprises she will reveal.

Camille Villar


Camille is Wiltime Big Time’s Primetime Princess. The youngest daughter of Senator Manny and Former Congresswoman Cynthia, she is blossoming into her own as she moves to noontime’s Wowowillie.

Camille is the curious host who is willing to learn and listen. Audiences and contestants find her very warm and down to earth. She can make anyone feel comfortable immediately.

Camille has been asked several times if she will follow in the footsteps of her parents and go into public office. Camille’s stint on Wiltime Bigtime revealed Camille’s own brand of public service: giving joy, happiness, and hope to her countrymen.

Arci Munoz


Arci is a StarStruck alumna who has enjoyed several successful projects on both GMA-7 and TV5. She has graced in several Kapatid series and even landed leading roles in Nagbabagang Bulaklak and Felina. After receiving rave reviews on her short run as a Wiltime Big Time co-host, she joins the gang again—this time as a noontime regular.

Ava Jugueta, Ethel Booba and Lovely Abella


Ethel has been through a lot since she her showbiz debut in 2002 through Sing Galing on then ABC-5. She has had several successful projects as host, recording artist, and comedienne. In recent years, Ethel has been singing and making people laugh in the top comedy bars. She returns to TV5 with Wowowillie as one of Willie’s co-hosts.


Ava is no stranger to game shows. Before her stint as one third of PYT, she was the Grand Champion of reality talent search “Coca-Cola Ride to Fame” (2007). She has been a regular guest on Wiltime Bigtime’s Sabado specials. The show can’t get enough of this Pretty Young Thing and looks forward to seeing her daily at noontime on Wowowillie.


Lovely has worked with Willie Revillame since the beginning. Because of her loyalty, Lovely was promoted by Kuya Wil as his co-host. Continue watching Wowowillie to find out what fire this lovely lass will bring to noontime.

Don’t miss the 3-hour grand premiere of “Wowowillie” this Saturday, January 26, from 11:30am to 2:30pm featuring over 70 guest stars and big prizes to be given away!

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